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"Reconciliation" Diamond Cross

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The Reconciliation Cross is hand-crafted from solid 10K Rose or Yellow Gold with Sterling Silver accents. Choose either solid 10K Rose or Yellow Gold side enhancements with the center cross that displays 17 radiant Lab Created Diamonds having a total diamond weight of .24cts.(1") or .32cts.(1 1/4") total weight.  Each cross arrives on a finely detailed solid Sterling Silver chain. All Sterling Silver is layered with Rhodium to ensure lasting beauty for years to come.

"I reconcile your differences."

Relationships are of the most life-giving and beautiful gifts our heavenly father has given us. The love of a soul-mate, the kinship shared between beloved family members, or even the close bond between life-long friends; many of us have the privilege to experience these powerful human connections. Yet, no matter how healthy and strong these relationships are, at times they all go through periods of testing and turmoil where peace and unity seem difficult and unattainable. When we find ourselves in these seasons of strife where we hold so tightly to our own perspectives and positions, cherishing them as gold, it is crucial that we remember our battle in this life is not truly against our loved-ones and neighbors. When we find ourselves in this place, we must remember to look to our Savior who unites, heals, and restores. This piece, Reconciliation, depicts exactly this. The two gold pieces separated from each other, representing our fractured relationships, have been restored and reunited together by both pieces being affixed to the cross of Christ. As both pieces rely on and join together with Christ, they become one again. As we turn to Christ, and allow Him to heal our hearts and the fractures in our relationships, He reunites us with those we love, demolishing walls of disagreement, separation, and division. Let this piece remind you and your loved-ones that your uniting peace is Jesus.

This is Reconciliation.